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Our business is focused on becoming the strategic partner of the oil, natural gas, and mining industries, in the different stages of their projects.

Our helicopters have accumulated more than 1 million of flight hours in passenger and cargo transportation operation. We also offer logistic support to on-shore platforms and mining fields in a wide range of conditions and geographical regions of the country.

Oil, natural gas and mining

/ Oil, natural gas
and mining

  • Passenger transportation.
  • Internal and external cargo transportation.
  • Logistic support.
  • High value cargo transportation.

/ Construction

  • Special cargo transportation.
  • Precision works, high voltage line installation, and logistic support.
Fuel management and ground support

/ Fuel management
and ground support

We offer the service of Ground Support in Logistics for aircraft (both helicopters and fixed wing), as well as Fuel Management and Fuel Supply. Doing this we guarantee an efficient operation of our aircraft and the best integral support with the guarantee and quality our clients demand.

At HELISUR, we have the capacity and experience to serve you with the commitment that only experts can ensure.

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/ Peru

Our main office is located in the city of Lima