Services and Solutions

Services and Solutions

HELISUR offers its customers comprehensive service that covers a wide range of passenger and air cargo transport needs. Since 1994, we have flown more than 100,000 hours, transported more than 740,000 passengers, and shipped more than 480,000 tons worth of payload for our clients. These Peruvian aeronautical records were made possible thanks to our steadfast pledge to making our operations safe and of high quality.


We have dedicated ourselves to becoming the ideal partner for the oil and hydrocarbon industry in order to meet the specific needs of each project phase.

  • Passenger transport
  • Internal and external cargo transport
  • Logistical support
  • High value cargo transport


  • Special cargo transport
  • Precision operations, high voltage cable installation, and logistical support.


Through a strategic partnership with the firm, Logística Selva, we offer logistical support management for aircraft on ground (helicopters – fixed wing aircraft) as well as fuel supply management. Thus, we guarantee that our aircraft will efficiently operate and provide the highest standard of integral support, thereby satisfying our customers’ need for assurance and quality.

Pax: 1,136.609
Hrs: 150,912.0
Tn:   709,316.1
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