Quality Policy

Quality Policy

Our policy in Helicopters of Sur S.A. is to work intensely to surely satisfy the necessities with our clients, offering aerial transport services and maintenance, trustworthiness, efficiency and professionalism.

We commit ourselves to perfect our system of management of quality with the purpose of improving the aeronautical service, the maintenance and the operational advising that we offered to our clients always with our highly qualified personnel, modern infrastructure, effective administrative processes and optimal control mechanisms.

Luis Guerrero
Chief Executive Officer

Revision: 02
Date: 01.08.2011


  • To totally satisfy the necessity with our clients,
  • To assure the coreliability and security of the air operations;
  • To plan and to execute with effectiveness and quality the managements of technical, logistic and administrative support.


We at HELISUR are mindful of our customer’s precise quality requirements, and so we are making strides towards earning three Integrated Management System certifications, which form the foundation of our Quality Management System.

Since 2010, we have been ISO 9001:2008 certified, thus assuring the highest standards of safety and quality in our passenger and cargo transportation services and helicopter preventive and heavy maintenance systems.

Moreover, we are in the process of obtaining two other certifications: ISO 14000, which demonstrates our serious commitment to environmental management, and ISO 18000 that represents our steadfast and proactive culture of respect for workplace health and safety, the matter of concern for OHSAS.

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