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Our helicopters are perfect for Peru’s varied geographical conditions. We boast the highest flight performance standards for all the country’s region: on the coast, in the mountains, or through the rainforest.

Our MI-8MTV-1 helicopters are configured for both internal and external cargo loads. The cabin is 23 cubic meters in volume (813 cu ft.) with dimensions of 5.3 x 2.3 x 1.8 m.

With large rear clam-shell and sliding side doors the helicopter is ideally suited for various loads including internal vehicle transportation and extra-length cargo with partially opened or removed rear doors. Reinforced cabin floors allow the transportation of hard and heavy cargo.

Equipped with external cargo slung, our helicopters can also be used in construction projects. Oversized freight may be carried as underslung load via the external hook with 4,000 kg capacity.

Equipped with 24 foldable cabin seats, our helicopters can transport up to 23 passenger accompanied by the auxiliary crew member.

Pax: 1,136.609
Hrs: 150,912.0
Tn:   709,316.1
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