Maintenance system

/ Maintenance

The maintenance of our aircraft is developed without exception in accordance with the policies established in our Manual of Continuous Airworthiness Maintenance Control and in our Manual of Maintenance Organization.

These policies cover five basic areas: documentation, personnel, suppliers, infrastructure and tools and equipment.

  • Documentation. Our documentation is developed according to the technical manuals issued by the aircraft and parts manufacturers, the programs and directives of the aircraft designer, and the DGAC-approved manuals and programs.
  • Personnel . Our personnel that performs preventive maintenance is comprised of: certifiers, inspectors in process, airframe and engines technicians and avionics technicians. These professionals are fully qualified and trained in their areas of expertise. All the technical personnel is licensed by the DGAC and their work ensures the continuous airworthiness of our fleet.
  • Suppliers. We have entered into support and supply agreements with the manufacturers of main components of helicopters and with suppliers authorized by the aeronautical authorities of Russian Federation in order to guarantee the quality and traceability of every spare part and component installed on our aircraft.
  • Infrastructure. We have hangars situated in different parts of the country that accommodate the entire fleet and enable us to perform our aircraft maintenance projects. We also use our hangars as warehouses for spare parts, components and supplies, ensuring the technical and logistical support of our aircraft in operation.
Principal maintenance base

/ Principal maintenance

Our principal maintenance base is located in Lima and is certified by the Mil Moscow Helicopter Plant and approved by the DGAC.

The company also has two local maintenance bases on the territory of Ayacucho and Iquitos airports that allow greater maintenance coverage and speed in the maintenance of our fleet.

We are certified and qualified for maintenance and major maintenance of Mi-8MTV-1 and Mi-8AMT helicopters. Furthermore we have overhauled three Mi-171 helicopters with approval received from the DGAC of Peru.

Our specialized personnel is accompanied by Russian technical experts who bring their experience and knowledge to ensure the performance of maintenance works with the technical level necessary to provide the most safe and reliable service for our clients.

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Our main office is located in the city of Lima