Our People

Our People

HELISUR pilots, co-pilots, and engineering staff are top flight, each person boasting years of experience in their respective position. Moreover, we hand pick all our pilots and require that they have logged at least 3000 flight hours.

We furthermore have developed a network of highly specialized maintenance staff that are personally trained and guided by Russian experts. Consequently, they provide efficient technical support to our operations, always bearing in mind the safety of our customers and continued service of our fleet that serves them.


  • 80 pilots, co-pilots, and flight engineers that possess the most MI-helicopter experience in Peru.
  • Have logged on average more than 6000 flight hours.
  • The most knowledgeable of the geography and conditions of each area of operation.


  • More than 100 engineers and technical support staff, with experience and specialization in every aspect of MI-helicopter maintenance and operations.
  • Fully capable of overhauling our helicopters, having been certified by the MIL Moscow Helicopter Plant (MMHP) and the DGAC (French civil aviation authority).
  • Our company has entered into technical cooperation and permanent consulting agreements with the MMHP and the Russian engine manufacturer, JSC Motor Sich.


We bolster the vast amount of experience earned by our pilots and co-pilots through constant training, and the programs are carried out both locally and at the Training Center in our parent company’s, UTair, headquarters in Tyumen, Russia, as is the case of flight simulation. This program includes 14.5 hours of meetings per crew; we scheduled 12 crews to the simulator for 2011 and are planning to send at least another 22 for 2012.


We are currently in the process of having our pilots obtain their Instrument Flight Rules (IFR) license, which will allow them to fly using navigational instruments and therefore not to rely on visual references. The most important aspect to IFR flying is that we will be able to continue operating when weather conditions clearly reduce visibility.

Pax: 1,136.609
Hrs: 150,912.0
Tn:   709,316.1
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